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Never Lose Your Device Data with Xyte's New Replacement Flow

AUTHOR: The Customer Portal team

Losing data is a common concern when the need to replace or reset a device comes into place. With Xyte, users can now be confident that all the data from previous devices will be transferred to the new ones.

See how the new device replacement flow works:

If a device has gone through a factory reset and lost its credentials to Xyte, users can simply confirm the replacement. Once confirmed, Xyte will create a new device with the same identifiers as the previous one. This way, all the old device data and history are kept intact.

And if users ever need to replace a device - for any reason - no worries! They can simply provide the new serial number of a device of the same model. Xyte will register it, replace the old one, and preserve all the data and history. It's that easy!

If you have any questions when replacing or resetting your devices on the Xyte platform, contact us at

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