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Daily Summary Email, Maintenance Mode, Sub-devices, and EdgePRO module for Crestron

AUTHOR: The Customer Portal team

Daily Summary Email πŸ“«

Keeping track of incidents can be challenging. With the new daily summary reports, we hope we can make things easier for you!

To enable your daily reports, simply go to the Workplace by Xyte portal, select Settings > Reports, and check "Send daily summary report."

Maintenance Mode πŸ› οΈ

We hear you – sometimes you're working on a space, adding new hardware, or configuring existing hardware, and you don’t want to be interrupted by notifications.

To allow you to work in peace, we have created a new "maintenance mode." From the Configuration section, simply put the space in maintenance mode, and it won’t generate any incidents or notifications.

maintenance mode.png

Sub-devices πŸ–‡οΈ

Often, you have one device that has many peripherals or sub-devices connected to it. This could be a Zoom Room with a controller, a PC, and a scheduling panel, a Crestron control system with Ethernet or Cresnet devices connected to it, or something similar.

With our new support for sub-devices, you can now easily see all of the parent device's sub-devices, and based on their support also configure, monitor, and upload files to them.


EdgePRO πŸ”¬

Connecting Crestron control systems and all their connected sub-devices to a monitoring solution can take a lot of effort – especially if you want to go back to older projects and offer customers remote management and monitoring capabilities.

With our new EdgePRO, you don't have to work hard. Simply upload it to any 3-series or 4-series Crestron control system, and the edge server will automatically perform a scan and connect all the detected Crestron devices to Workplace by Xyte. Specifically, it will find and register:

  1. All Cresnet devices

  2. All Crestron Ethernet devices that support Crestron's auto-discovery

  3. For DMPS systems, all DigitalMedia endpoints

Once registered with Workplace by Xyte, the control system running the edge server and all discovered peripherals will be monitored in the cloud. Depending on the sub-device type, it will also support firmware, program, and project updates.

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