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Scheduled Commands, Tree Inheritance, Geo Maps, Slack & ServiceNow Integration, Drag & Drop functionality, and Zoom Phones support

AUTHOR: The Customer Portal team

Scheduled Commands

Often, admins want to perform firmware or software updates at a predefined time. With our new scheduled commands feature, this is now possible, either for a specific device or a group of devices.

What if you have devices in different time zones? We’ve got you covered here as well – simply define their locations in the organizational tree, and schedule the update based on local time.

Tree Inheritance 🌳

The organizational tree now supports inheritance for certain properties of areas and spaces, such as location and time zone. This makes the process of defining properties that should apply across areas or spaces much easier.

Locations and Map View 🌎

A new map view has been added to the main dashboard. With the new view, it is now easier to see all incidents based on their location.

Pro Tip: Extend the map to full screen for help desk displays!

maps view.png

Native Slack Integration 📲

Seamless integration with Slack will allow IT help desk teams to centrally manage all their tickets within Slack. In addition to providing instant notifications of new incidents, the app allows support staff to update an incident’s status and close an incident once it’s resolved, directly from within the Slack app (desktop or mobile).

Dynamic ServiceNow Integration

Workplace by Xyte’s support for ServiceNow just got a whole lot better! Using the new integration, users can now dynamically map incidents to ServiceNow tables and fields.

Custom Files 📂

You’ve asked, and we’ve listened! Now you can upload documentation files, source code files, and more and attach them to a particular space or device. In the Configuration section of the Workplace by Xyte portal, select the desired space or device, go to the “Files” tab, and click “Upload.”

All files can easily be found in the main “Files” section as well.

Drag & Drop

We’ve added support for drag & drop, enabling simple relocation of areas, spaces, and devices. You can easily reorder nodes in the organization tree, or select a device from the “Devices” tab and drag it to its new location.

Support for Zoom Phones 📞

Now, in addition to Zoom Rooms, you can monitor all Zoom Phones as well!

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